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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist BettyUnknown Groups :iconsonicheroinegirlz: SonicHeroineGirlz
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Find My Romance PG.3 :iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 3 8
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I loved you poem
When I first looked into your eyes
I knew I couldn't deny
That I loved you
I know I'm not very smart
But I know it comes from the heart
That I loved you
You kept pushing me away
But I just couldn't stay
'Cause I loved you
You had a beautiful smile
That would last a mile
When I loved you
No matter how many times you say no
My love will start to grow
"Cause I loved you
But now I understand
That we can't be hand in hand
But I'll wait for you
You should know I'd risk my life
To let me be your wife
"Cause I loved
But I know someday our love
Will fly high and above
"Cause I loved you
xX Keep dreamin' & Lovin" Xx
:iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 5 3
Shadikal kids :iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 10 1
Betty info
Name: Aqua the hedgehog
Nickname: Betty
Age: 14
Height: 4'2
Weight: 74 lbs.
Hair/fur color: Cyan
Eye color: Dark brown
Race: Starlight hedgehog
Family: Red the hedgehog (older brother), Miyah the hedgehog (younger sister),
Treasure the hedgehog (mother), Terra the cat (cousin)
Friends: Gray the hedgehog, (best friend)
Sonyia the hedgehog, (close as sisters)
Lalo and Lola the fox (good friends)
Antoni the Zorua
Jay the rabbit (close friends)
Lisa the raccoon
Lylia the seedrian
Gabby the bat
Ruby the cat
Hailey the rabbit
Nicole the fox
Angelina the hedehog (Rival/role model :D)
Christina the hedgehog (friend/rival)
Love interest: Arc the hedgehog
Status: Taken :3
Teams: Team Lightning: Red, Gray, and Betty
Team Race: Betty, Jay, and Terra
Betty is a sweet, cocky heroine who always gets wrapped up in messes. She protects mobius along with the other heroes.
She likes to go to Sonic's dimension to visit him and his friends.
EDIT: Wears teal orbs that helps her harness her hydrokinesis
:iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 0 3
Draw this again meme :iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 2 10 Tailsmo: All Grown Up :iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 28 13
Nikki Hedgehog full info
Name: Nicole Lily Hedehog
Nickname: Nikki
Age: Doesn't have current age, but in this pic, 14 yrs
Race: Hedgehog
Hair color: Pink rose
Skin color: Dark Apricot
Eye Color: Lime green
Personality: Nikki Is a tomboyish girl, Who goes with the flow, and has no worries. Nikki is supposed to have that "Bad girl" additude like her dad. Though she is a tomboy, she at times seems to act girly. Nikki is just as strong as both of her parents.
Likes: Running and training with her dad, cooking and shopping with her mom, picking on Flash about his crush on Ruby, sweets, chili dogs (yes, chili dogs) music (especially rock), fast rollercoasters
Dislikes: Not being free, being clausterphobic, taking her time,overcooked food, anyone trying to her anyone she loves
Theme song(or favorite song) Pretty girl swag-Ciara ('Cause she has SWAG ;) )
Friends: Skylar, Ruby, Marie-Sue, Onyx, Honey, ETC
Love interest: Shade
2nd born daughter of Sonic and Amy.
:iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 3 3
Find My Romance PG.2 :iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 2 14 Happy Mother's Day :iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 24 14 Sonamy kids photo :iconamyredd10:AmyRedd10 22 7


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Thank you :)
I took a look at your gallery and I llove your art too!
Keep up the good work :D
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